The Norwegian, made by Mr. Ree, Soo Jong

9 x 13 cm

(Ree, Soo Jong, made in the kiln of Dauphine Scalbert, France, 2003-2004)

My wife said, smiling: (she said it in German, of course ;-)

"You know what? This bowl reminds me of your old pullover, that Norwegian you used to wear in winter.
When we were so much younger, rather kids, skating on the Hasport lake..."

Yes, I remember... Warm, soft white and light-brown colours, thick wool to protect against the cold wind.
Big enough for those winter days.
And this one is even provided with a share of silk, on the front side, where it was gently kissed by fire;
the surface there being very smooth to the hand, with a little bit of blue and violet.
While on the other sides the fingers detect stone bursts, little dents from Mr. Ree's hands.

Strong and soft together, really nice, something to dream with in winter!

And after some tea:

The older, the better.