The Little Bear, Made by Mr. Ree, Soo Jong
(punchong, deombeong)

7,5 x 13,5 cm

(Ree, Soo Jong, made in the kiln of Dauphine Scalbert, France, 2003-2004)

A bear playing flute
while the wolf hunts four-eyed clouds -
dreaming wide awake.

I'm just happy with this bowl...
Thank you so much, Mr. Ree.

And now some information for the interested people, taught directly from the potter himself:
'Deombeong' is originally a Korean style, the main topic is punchong ('white ware', not porcelain).
When a bowl is put in the white slip to cover the dark clay, it makes a bubbling sound, like 'dom-bong'.
That's it. And later the Japanese called it kohiki.
My new chawan matures nicely right from the first use.

By the way, it's the same with 'gwiyal' - white slip spontaneously applied over dark clay with a brush.
In Japanese, it's called hakeme, an example (Japanese) you can see here. It was my first bowl, that's how all started :-)

By the way: I just found out something about this particular style in Japan, called takatori-yaki.
Here is a picture of an antique piece, found on ebay:

(and here comes a small preview for birthday and christmas, I really must learn patience now:)