Chawan Takimoto Koki

8 x 11,5 cm

(Takimoto Koki, Japan)

Robert Yellin says:
"Shigaraki chawan by Takimoto Koki (1947-). He was born in Shigaraki and built an anagama in 1979, thus began his ceramic journey. He's well-known for 'clay flavor' he brings out and his bi-doro which is a vitrified ash-glaze; both are brilliant on this chawan. Inside has a most amazing bi-doro 'landscape' and the atmosphere of the chawan is very rich and free."

And some more information can be found here (with photo of the artist):
Takimoto Kokyu was born in Kinosaki-gun, Hyogo, Japan in 1947 and from the beginning of his pottery career has been interested in the old kilns and firing processes of Shigaraki and Iga. In fact his Fu-rai kiln is a huge hole in the ground like those used in these pottery centres during the Momoyama period (late 16th century). The items in the exhibition show his interest in researching old glaze recipes, including a “blue glass” Iga glaze that he is especially fond of.